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Welcome to the home of Footy Profit

There are a lot of tipsters out there and the obvious question is, why choose Footy Profit? Tipsters need to realise this is a results business, peoples money are at stake here and Footy Profit pride themselves on the bottom line “Points”. Don’t get me wrong we are not no Harry Potter tipsters, we cannot wave a magic wand and make every results come in, but what we can offer you is a profession in the business, spending between 50-80 hours a week analysing stats, watching football and potential out comes, certain teams against certain styles. Minimising risk and also minimising losses, So we all walk away in what we’re in this for POINTS.


What we provide

We offer daily tips football tips from around the globe, specialising in goal markets, trades with Betfair, down to Single football stats and also goals galore, based on my own filters that have been tried & tested over the years. Tips and value  that make it through these various filters will be selected, tipped with real value.


Each tip will be placed on a 1 point per bet basis.  I also work on a points systems, all results can be found in the top menus Single Results/ Double YOUR Points Results/ Goals Galore Results, On top of that i also offer full team data with full stats on why this particular /bet has been placed.


My service includes football tips everyday and also trading strategies based again on my very own filters and the matches that make it successfully will be posted onto the website each day and also results will be posted to track the points percentages throughout the months/years.

  • Tips are emailed each day
  • Tips are also sent on the infamous whats app (application) daily
  • Tips are posted with plenty of time to get the value you require.

Double YOUR Points

The days i will be selecting a (double YOUR points) tip and this will be posted up the night before, i’ve had over 80% success with this method, so over 10 bets if you placed 1 point on each bet you would have had returned a total of 8 points profit. (i.e. £10 you would have won £80)

Single Stats

Again each day i will be picking the most solid tips that make it through my filters on the following selected markets…

– Overs/Under
- Corners
- Cards
- Win, Lose or Draw
- Asian Handicap
- Both Teams to Score
- 1st/2nd half with most goals

  • Request a bet, accumulators, goals galore, math result and both teams to score are highly worked in the bookmakers favour as their is multiple chances of 1-2 teams letting you down, thats why at Footy Profit we pride ourselves on slow gradual money making.
  • Footy Profit will only place an accumulation of matches if our chances of winning are around 75% with value of at least 280%.
  • Expect to win money with Me and as always be disciplined in what i tip and you’re betting balance will gradually build and build.


Goals Galore

Last but not least (Our favourite) i will be carefully selecting a high points Goals Galore, again these accumulators will be picked with teams that make it through my filters and placed with real menace and purpose.

So if you’re disciplined and would like to start building a successful betting balance, come and join us.

  • Our football tips are now sent directly to your phone via the ever popular Whats App, so you will never a miss a winner.

  • If you’d prefer a quick email when my tips have been published then we also email them over to you.

  • Or if you would prefer the traditional method of visiting our website to get our published tip, just click “Football Betting Tips” in the menu

If you want a chat about my service, get in touch with me, i’m happy to explain my service or any questions you have about bookmakers or bets i publish

Contact Me
If you have any questions regrading my service just go ahead & give me a quick contact and i’d be happy to help