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Welcome to Footy Profit Football Betting Tips

There are a lot of tipsters out there and the obvious question is, why choose Footy Profit?

Tipsters need to realise this is a results business, peoples money are at stake here and Footy Profit pride themselves on the bottom line "PROFIT".

Don't get me wrong we are not no Harry Potter tipsters, we cannot wave a magic wand and make every football predictions result land, but what we can offer you is a profession in the business, spending between 50-80 hours a week analysing & compiling stats, watching football noting potential outcomes, certain teams against certain styles. Minimising risk and also minimising losses, So we all hope to walk away for what we're in this for PROFIT.​​​​​​​​

What football betting tips do we offer?

Accumulators are everyone’s favourite type of bet. Let’s be honest who doesn’t love the idea of turning £10 into over £500 in 90 minutes! We have daily accumulator tips for the major betting markets & league specific accumulators for the Premier League and top European competitions.

What big stake bets do we offer?

Again each day i will be picking the most solid football betting tips that make it through my filters on the following selected markets…
- Overs/Under
- Corners
- Cards
- Win, Lose or Draw
- Asian Handicap
- Both Teams to Score
- 1st/2nd half with most goals

Rolling Accumulator football betting tips

You can start with what-ever stake you like (I will be starting with £10 each time) but again it's up to you. I will be picking one bet each day to the value of 1.5 (1/2) and above i.e. if you put £10 down on a 1.5 bet you will receive £15.00 return. ​​​​
​​​​​I will be using with this method to reach £500.00 then cash out and simply start again. Of course some people will get cold feet and cash out a little earlier than that and i will be setting certain markers to withdraw profit, but we started with £10.00 and if it loses at any stage, you would have only lost the initial £10.00 you begun with.​​​​​​

Day 1 - £10.00 @ 1.5 = £15.00 Return (if it wins we will roll it over)
Day 2 - £15.00 @ 1.5 = £22.50 Return (if it wins we will roll it over)
Day 3 - £22.50 @ 1.5 = £33.75 Return (if it wins we will roll it over)​

What bookmaker can i use for these football betting tips?

We use the bookmaker with the best odds which will return us the best money...





To name a few, so if you have any of these bookmakers you can start to bet on our football tips today.

Football Betting Tips