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All of our bets/tips are tracked and our subscribers are sent out our results sheet each time we get a result on a bet/tip. So each member can also independently check themselves. That way our results are 100% correct and transparency is there for all to see.

You can contact me if you have a question on how we work & how will bets/tips be presented so you get the exact same winnings as i do… by heading to our contact page here

Or if you fully understand on how we win by checking the spreadsheet below. I’ll look forward to helping you beat the bookmakers.

Single Bet Results

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Investment Gain £2,339.00
ROI 1.62%
Annualized ROI 0.49%

Accumulator Bet Results

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Investment Gain £5,222.20
ROI 7.57%
Annualized ROI 2.23%

“Mugs gamble, us Professionals put the time in, seek the value and invest”